Chase Credit Cards

chris of garden grove, CA December 14, 2009

I called Chase Credit card to request to have my APR lowered and as per Chase Customer service representative that as per Chase policy they are not lowering any APR’s. I told the representative that even if I have a good credit history would it be a good reason to lower my APR, again the customer representative was very adamant and told me it’s the Bank policy that we’re not lowering APR’s. I don’t know what’s with Chase but it seems that that there is no way to reason with them as a customer. Please will anybody start a petition and have Chase be investigated for their policy of not lowering APR’s for no valid reason at all ecept for stating that it’s their company policy of not lowering APR’s.

Laima of Norwalk , CT December 14, 2009

I had a credit card with Providian, then it was bought by WaMu and bought again by Chase. Chase ended up owing all my credit accounts, because of them purchasing smaller banks. My credit was reduced on all account by as much as 80% just recently. I called to check on one card, just to find out all of them went down. I feel because the person on the other end did not like my attitude ( who would after news like this ) I was slammed with additional reduction. I kept my balances under 30%, used credit card only for business start up, was never a reckless spender and paid my bills on time for 7 years with exception of once missing a payment by one day( never got late fee refunded and rate defaulted from 10% to 30%).

I called executive customer service, I even wrote a letter to VP of credit cards at Chase. I was contacted by higher office. regardless there is nothing they can do and its all my fault. All my cards now look like I maxed them out, I am sure next month chase will check on my credit report again. They will find ruined fico. Why????? Because they are the ones that ruined it. I cannot believe this. I am transferring out to another bank and over my dead body that I will ever use chase card again….the worst bank ever. Their behavior all the way to executive level is criminal to say the least.

Bridget of Benicia, CA December 13, 2009

I opened an account with CHASE in August of 2009. I received my bill in the mail the first week of September and promptly mailed CHASE a 1000 check. My next bill came in the beginning of October and I promptly sent another large check to CHASE. I received no bill in November. When I called CHASE on December 4th, 2009 to question them about my bill, I was told that they had in fact sent me my bill and that they had never received a payment for the month of November. I was told my account was now delinquent, that my APR had gone up, that my mininum monthly payment had tripled, and that I was being assessed a 40 late payment fee. I calmly explained that I had not received the bill. As I am the only person who has contact with my mail, I know positively that the bill never came to my house. I was transferred at that point to another department.

I explained my circumstance again, requested that my bill be sent to me, and asked for the late fee to be taken off my account. I was told that “we are not allowed to waive the late penalty”, but if I paid my bill over with phone using my bank card, they would waive the 14.95 “phone payment fee” and that I could use my CHASE card again immediately. I explained that I was only interested in disputing the late fee. I was again transferred to another department. I explained my circumstance a third time, asked for the late fee to be waived, and promising CHASE another large check as soon as I got my bill. It was at this point that I was told that I had signed up for electronic payment. I was shocked because I never signed up for electronic payment; I pay all of my bills by check using the U.S. Postal Service. I was also bewildered as to why the first two people I spoke to at CHASE did not mention that this was the reason I had not received a paper bill. I explained to the gentleman that I did not sign up for this service, and expressed my concern over a breach in CHASE computer security systems. I was told that this was my mistake, not theirs.

I was told that I “must have signed up for electronic payment accidentally”. I was again told that the late fee would not be waived, though if I paid my bill over the phone immediately, the phone payment fee would be waived. Frustrated, I explained that I would not pay a 40 late fee for a mistake on the part of CHASE. I said I would be happy to continue to make my payments, as long as the late fee was waived. I was again told this was “impossible”. I informed the gentleman that I would indeed transfer my CHASE balance to another company if the late fee was not waived. I was told it was my job to pay my bill by “the 29th of each month” whether I received a bill or not and that the late payment penalty was justified. Seeing I was getting nowhere, I hung up with CHASE.

I subsequently checked my e-mail. In my Spam box was an e-mail from CHASE titled, “Bridget! Pay your CHASE credit card bill with CHASE online!”; it was dated November 24th. After one more unsuccessful attempt at explaining to CHASE that I had never signed up for electronic payment, I terminated my CHASE account. I have since switched my CHASE balance to Discover. I am left wondering just how many people are assessed a 40 late payment fee after not receiving their paper statements from CHASE because they have been magically and mysteriously signed up for electronic payment. Is there a breach in the CHASE computer security system? Or is it merely an underhanded attempt at fleecing unsuspecting CHASE customers out of 40?

daniel of stafford , VA December 13, 2009

in early late 2006 we started getting phone calls stating a debt owed for a over-due chase credit card. as my wife and i explained that we never had a credit card with them and we have only had two credit cards our entire marriage (15 yrs 2009). the calls then started going to my job. some weeks calls were made (5) days a week. as they were leaving messages at the main office as well as at the plant i worked.

as i work for a local goverment i repeatedly asked to stop calling my home and insisted not to call my job as i do not owe the debt. they also threatend my wife and said they would tell me she would set up a payment plan with them until she told them you tell him he is right here for i had taken the day off. the calls were so frequent and random that i have a recording of where a message was left on a open answering machine available to anyone leaving my name and full ssn#.

as this continued for months new people would call as some callers swore and called me a deadbeat and that i needed to be a man and owed up to my debts. we finally got a pre-paid legal service who sent them a letter in 6/2007 to stop all contact and send verification within 30 days or remove the debt from all major credit reporting bureaus.

in 2/2008 we received a letter from chases fraud operations in phoenix arizona with a application that expired in 5/7/2001. we sent back the request form as by this time our pre-paid legal service had become a problem and still is. then the account was given to the other law firm who breifly pursued it. as we never heard from them after showing what resulted from the last harrassment and it still remains on my credit.

as now i have to deal with another on-going hsbc account that has been taken over by its fith law firm, as i do not understand when it is suppose to end with the first proof of not owing the debt. if anyone wonders why i would not stay on top of this problem its minor compared to getting hurt for the 2nd time on the job (w.c. denied), losing my home by letting a foreclosure attorney be under the defendent side in court next to my name, courts not looking at my evidence of another debt collectors client double billing the insurance company and me, then taking out a unwarrented and unlawfull stalking and trespassing charge on me and my wife.

garnishments already in affect for a debt that should have been paid by order of the state, and believe it or not there is alot more, which is probably why i always seem to get your time has run out (even if debt collectors i dont owe money to can harrass me for years), or that its to much or to complicated, and that a job i have destroyed myself to keep (for 11 yrs) fights my injury, im told i would be better off being fired so i could get un-employment. which having kids, even though the fight goes on for mandatory insurance its a must for us and i want to work for it.

im just sick of big companys with all the money, taking the scraps that im suppose to raise a family on, literally (another story in its self) straight from my banking account.

James of Cypress, TX December 13, 2009

I used the Chase card for many years. I charged almost everything I bought on it (3,000 to 5,000 monthly) and paid my balance in full each month. I recd notice about Nov 20, 2009 that I was being given a Sapphire card. I checked on the rewards and decided I wanted to keep my old card. I did not place the call to activate the Sapphire card when it arrived. In early Dec I recd a call from Chase saying I had not activated the card and they would do it over the phone. I advised I intentionally did not activate the card and would continue using my old card. I was then told there were two suspicious charges on my old card for about 50.

I asked why a purchase I made over the Internet about a week previous for about 1,500 had not been questioned since that was unusual but the 50 was questioned. I was told it was the company name which made them question it. She said my old account would be closed and new cards mailed. When I recd the new cards, I went into a rage because they were Sapphire. I called Chase, asked to speak to a manager and was given Jennifer Small. I told her I was extremely upset about Chase trying to trick me into switching to Sapphire. She said the company charging the 50 was suspicious. I advised I seriously question the honesty of Chase because the suspicious charge was not mentioned until I said I would not use the Sapphire card. If there had been a question about it, that would have been the first thing the rep would have mentioned instead of trying to activate Sapphire cards with the same account number. I advised Jennifer I no longer trust Chase and will switch to a competitor’s card–which I immediately did. Chase is NOT a company I would recommend to a friend.

Albert of Tucson, AZ December 13, 2009

We have been with Chase Visa for over 10 years. Several months ago we had to borrow 4500.00 as a cash advance on our Chase Visa for an emergency. I called customer service to say that we had the money to repay the full amount plus an extra 1000.00. I was told that we could not pay off the cash advance and that interest would just keep accruing. We paid the 5500.00 off within a few days.

Several days later we received a letter from them saying that they were reducing our credit limit from 24,000.00 to 19,000.00. This reduced our credit score. Then, supposedly, they checked our credit score this past month and found that it was no longer as high as it used to be. Of course it wasn’t because of them reducing our credit limit. As a result they sent us another letter reducing our credit limit further to 15,000.00.

This has now entirely ruined our FICO score. Calls to Chase got no where. The original 4500.00 that we took now has a balance of 4783.00. As far as I am concerned, Chase is criminal in its behavior.

David of Portland , OR December 12, 2009

Called Dec 12th 3:00 Pacific time (estimated) because Chase raised interest rate. Charged over the limit fee. Advised wanted to know why Chase charged overlimit fee. Advised called on Nov 14th, 2009 as time was 5:14 PM and would not let make same day payment. They said cutoff was 3:00 PM Eastern Time. We are Pacific Time so cut off was really 12:00. Paid extra 14.50 to have payment set for same day so account would be in good standing.

Today December 12th was told I had over limit fee charged in the amount of 39.00 because finance charges assesed on Dec 15th and made card go over limit. Asked how much over the limit . They advised 1.10 over limit. They assesed 39.00 fee and because went over the limit it also was causing interest to go up to 32%. I advised we are having hardship with medical bills this year and it is not right for them to charge 39.00 fee. That is like charging 155% interest.

The supervisor was not empathetic at all. He advised right away that the account could be closed in the next month. They will not waive the fees. It is really up to me to close account. I advised I knew there call was recorded and that they should use this call to be listened to for anyone because they will hear 1st hand the company they are working for is loan sharking. This is my wife talking on behalf of myself. She is more patient and she just lost her cool because of how bad they were treating me.

I am upset because I would have paid an extra 2.00 had I known on 11/14/2009 when I called in the 1st place. Then I would not be going through what I am going through today. I am currently out of work and looking for a job. I do not need my credit score to go down. It will because it will show I went over the limit because of 1.10 over on finance charges and 39.00 late fee. This is wrong. My interest is also raising to 31%. I will pay the card off in February if possible. Assuming I have a job then. I want to close my card. Just not sure if I should. Trying to keep my credit.

Bryan of Honolulu, HI December 12, 2009

I have had a account with chase for 5 years, through and have been a active user, on time with all my payments, paying more than the minimum amount every time. I changed my email addresss on line and always paid online because they encourage you to do it. After the change of my address they continued to send my invoice to the old address, I was not aware of my billing because they would send an alert when my billing is due and that was going to the wrong address. I contacted them because I was assessed a late fee and I disputed it and they waived it over the phone, the next month they sent my billing to the wrong email again, and so it went from there, on countless occations they would continue to send my billing to the old email.

I complained again and again and again, that they check their records and see that I had changed my address, the last straw was when they did it again and assessed another late fee of 39.00 to my account, I called and aksed them to waive it, they refused and told me I would have to write a letter to the PO Box in Wilmington. At this point I was steaming, then Chase decides to raise my interest rate from 12 to 20% and when I complained on the issues they sent me a cancellation notice to canel my credit altogether based on something they said was on my credit report.

My credit report status has not changed from the time they granted me credit in fact it has gotten better, my score is very high. I mailed a complaint letter dated September 5, 2009 and gave them 30 days to respond and 90 days to resolve the issues of waiving my late fee, restoring my credit wich was cancelled for no good reason, I also believe I was discriminated against because I am a “Asian American Pacific Islander” because of the way they talked to me over the phone, like I was not sophisticated enough to understand. I have not had a response to date.

Algesoft of Islamorada, FL December 12, 2009

I have a credit rating above 800 so there is no need to elaborate what that means for a bank to count me as a customer. I like to travel around the world and after being left without cash in a third world county (one of my banks blocked my ATM even after I told them about my travel plans) I learned to double and triple check my credit card bank is aware of my whereabouts. Even those precautions confer you only a slightly better chance than keeping your fingers crossed. But what if you don’t travel yet and you just want to book a hotel, say in Canada?

In spite of following all those “for your protection” rules, my United Miles credit card–issued by Chase Bank–was blocked couple of month ago because some “suspicious activity” on my account. That “activity” was 1 (ONE DOLLAR) place holder charge for Microsoft Hotmail yearly subscription. It turned out that the charge was a duplicate that was later removed automatically by the issuer. Regardless, my card was blocked.

I expressed my strong objections being just about ready to go on a trip abroad and explaining what would have happened overseas if I were to go with a blocked credit card (naturally, you need to take more than one credit card–although they all tend to suffer from the same disease). For people who don’t ravel too much I would mention that finding a public phone, especially one that works overseas is akin to receiving Noble Price. Also there are no “toll free numbers” that work overseas or an operator that happened to speak English.

The Chase Bank customer service representative said the usual, that they do it for “your protection” and they would make a note in my account and naively I thought that finally they got it. Think again! As a believer in the Russian proverb that Ronald Regan quoted prior to his historical visit to former Soviet Union, “Trust but verify” at the end of each month I check if my credit card balance is being paid from my bank account (I have automatic full balance payment setup). Surprise! I could not even get to the web page to see the account activity.

I called the customer service where I was bounced several times until I got to the “security division”–somewhere overseas. I don’t think that Chase Bank invests enough (any?) resources to train those people in those parts of the world about what is expected from a customer service in US. They began by telling me that my credit card has been cancelled and the good news was that a new credit card would be issued. A new card with a new number–when I had this credit card connected to a myriad of accounts for automatic payments: utilities, security, bridge tolls, subscriptions (some deducted once a year, easy to overlook), well you get the picture.

I asked for an explanation and the representative said: “there was some fraudulent activity on your account–there was a charge for a hotel in Canada”. You mean, I cannot travel abroad?. “We do this for your protection”. Who reached the conclusion that this was a fraudulent charge? “It could be our bank or some ‘special agency’.” I said “This is unreal, since when Chase Bank decides what constitutes an unauthorized charge on my account is? (pause) I want this account closed.”

I was transferred to another person who told me menacing: “we are going to report to all three agencies this”. I thought that the old time when we travelled with the packets staffed with cash were long gone. Now we cannot even make a charge without asking the bank for permission? More disturbing there is hints that if you don’t generate enough revenue for Chase by not caring a monthly balance you are not needed.

Kim of North St Paul, MN December 11, 2009

After paying off in full my 2 highest interest credit cards which were from chase, immediately my credit line was brought down by 6000.00. I have a FICO score of 727 I pay ALL my debt on time and always pay more than the required payment. I dont have ANY negative marks on my credit bureau and my income to debt ratio is perfect!

They gave me some excuse about running my credit report with experian, (which I also ran the same one) and told me I was a risk. PER EXPERIAN and Equifax Im not a risk and am in good standing.

Whats going on with these people? So now they can ruin my good credit that I worked so hard for because they are mad I paid off my high interest cards? SO CONFUSED!

And I have contacted them many times and get different answers… am treated terribly. They act like I was never a customer. It so weird

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