Chase Bank Sucks HOME

Name:Jeff Sullivan

I refinanced my home through Crossland Mortgage with a rate of 6 5/8 15-year, loan amount of $208,000. My house was appraised at $247,000 which meant that I would have a 82% loan/value; so, I’d have PMI.

No sweat. In around 4 months, I’ll pay down the principal and be at 80% loan/value to get rid of the PMI and Crossland Mortgage verified they would allow PMI to be dropped at that time.

Then, I get “sold” to Chase Manhattan. And guess what!? You HAVE to be with Chase making payments minimally for 24 months before you can EVEN HAVE THE PMI REMOVED!! And to make matters worse, Chase Manhattan had a class action suit of improprieties with regards to the PMI (1-888-285-3609 for info.).

As a result of the settlement for all loans made AFTER July 1, 1999; if you are paying PMI and you are at or below 80% loan to value, YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE 24 MONTHS OF PAYMENTS to have the PMI dropped!!!

So when I called them after the class action settlement, they said I don’t qualify.

I didn’t even get my loan with you Bozos in the first place!! Then you tell me I have to pay PMI for a FULL 24 calendar months!! You get sued for this VERY THING, and you idiots STILL WANT 24 MONTHS from me of payment history??!!??


2 thoughts on “Chase Bank Sucks HOME

  1. Admin Post author

    It is a shame how this bank, and others have done the public so wrong in these shady bank dealings. I hate chase bank. I was with this other bank for many years. Then here they come changing things on my Visa card for what reason ? Not a damn thing at all. Chase Bank just go around screwing folks right up there butts !


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