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Hello My name is Oni . I was a Victim of a dirty bad housing fraud back in 2003. This women who i will not name in this blog pretended to be me for god knows how long in the city of Palmdale California. Not only did this person purchase a home in Palmdale California under my credit profile' but she also took out credit cards in my name, and also took out many loans on the home she bought with my credit profile. Then she did the worst thing to my credit profile she went to a Bankrupcty court filed documents in my name , and credit profile. I only found out when trying to use a credit card i had not used in many years. I called this card holder to find out my limit so i could make a purchase for my husband Christmas gift in the year of 2003 . But to my surprise this card holder told me i had not credit limit on this card because i filed Bankrupcty last month in September of 2003. I stated to this card holder there must be some mistake i do not own a home at this time , and lived in a town house over a 100 miles away from where this crime took place. He stated to me yes we have updates on the card holders monthly , and we took away all of the credit limit from this card. Now was i very hot finding out not only did someone use my name but they purchase a home in my name , and also filed Bankrupcty on credit profiles. I then went to the net to find out if i really own a house in my name. I got myself a updated credit history report . I found out this guy was right i did own a home in Palmdale , and i filed Bankrupcty by there records this was correct . I was so upset since i was in the process of getting a home loan with my credit score at the time being 750 with 3 open good standing account, and good credit history with the credit companies. My next move was to prove who i was , and where i lived for over 10 years. A police report was filed in the city which i live in at this time in 2003. I gave the police my finger prints , and my handwriting so that i would have this on file for my court case. Someone was going to pay for what was done to me. I contacted the loan people , and told them who i was , and that i wanted them to remove this off my credit profile since i have not filled out any paper work with them on any loans . They laugh at me , and said i should have paid my payment on this home that this low down dirty women bought in my name , and credit profile. I then called the Bankrupcty court were the case took place. A nice men there ask me my ssn i gave him my number he search , and search the files but could not find any Bankrupcty filed in my name at all under the ssn i gave him . So i gave him the court information i had on my credit reports i purchased online . He said this was not my Bankrucpty at all there were 3 numbers turn around but it was a close match but the name was very different spelled among other things. He said i am going to send you out a report of the Bankrupcty that was in your name but not SSN. I contacted a law firm on this matter when i tried over , and over to work things out with the bank over this huge mix up . They lied to me after i went out , and paid for services to help them get there funds back from this house that did not belong to me at all since only my name was use , and ssn was not correct at for me to even be having this on my credit profile . I got sick , and tired of the banks after they sold this home while i was on vacation out of the states. A call was left on my home phone that they lied to the people i paid to help them get there funds back on a home i did not even own in my SSN . But was in my name which was not spelled correctly. After all this big mess with my credit profile i had to get help from a law firm who i told my story , and handed him the proof i could have never did this loan on this home i was taking finals over a 100 mile plus away, and the hand writing did not match my writing at all. We went to court i took everyone to court on this matter . I wanted my credit fix , and i was not taking anymore crap from anyone over this home loan that someone did in my name. I won my case in court , and that was easy to do since i went back to the court where the Bankrupcty had been done in the first place. The judge who did the Bankrupcty rememeber the case, and the women that came the day of the Bankrupcty hearing . Guess what i was not the women that came to court at all. The judge said any fool can see the hand writing does not match the police hand writing file , and the finger prints sure does not match this person at all that is in front of me. I am proof the judge said this women i never saw before in my life until today , and she is not the person who did this Bankrupcty on this case. The judge made them pay , and also fix all my credit back like it was before all this happen , and they had 2 weeks to do it , and the judge wanted all my credit reports in 2 weeks showing they took all this loans , and negative stuff off my reports . My reports were back to normal but i had to stay up on it every few months. The loans were sold again , and again . I got many collectors trying to collect on a court case that had been settled because they sold the loans over , and over again in my name . I wrote everyone who put things on my profile that they had a week to get it off or i would have them in court for trying to collect on loans that were not mine . I had no problems at all the stuff was taken off right away. But i still keep up with all my credit cards i do own , and monitor my credit profiles every few months . Now that is why my website is called I hope my credit story can help those who have been going through fraud among other types of credit problems .