Beware of calls from phony credit card fraud investigators

Con artists cleverly attempting to steal personal credit card information are making calls to Florida residents posing as credit card fraud investigators.

If you receive such a suspicious call, hang up, say local authorities.

Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson is warning consumers to “avoid a scam in which con artists posing as credit card company fraud investigators attempt to trick card holders into disclosing security code data from their cards.”

The con artists are calling credit card holders and telling that a questionable charge has appeared and that he or she is attempting to remove the charge. During the conversation, the caller will ask the victim for the three-digit security code number on the back of their card in order to make sure the card is valid and not lost or stolen.

Giving up that information can cost unwitting customers big time. In some cases, large unauthorized purchases are made on the victim’s credit card within minutes of the bogus phone call.

How to avoid the trap:

Keep in mind credit card companies do not make such calls asking for the three-digit code.

Hang up if you receive such a call.

Call your credit card company or bank yourself, mention the call and ask about any possible problems with unauthorized purchases. Also ask to file a report about the call.

Never provide personal information to strangers, in person or on the phone. That is the golden rule.
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