OOkisa Complaints – Fraud and lies

The marketing for OOKISA hair products is a scam regardless of any product merit. I ordered the 30-DAY FREE TRIAL and paid 5.95 s&h. The terms are only partly disclosed in the banner ad and order page. The wording is vague and intentionally deceptive. These merely state you must cancel before the trial period ends otherwise they will send another shipment and charge you $100 for it. Obviously, you assume you will have 30 days to cancel. But after you place the order, OOKISA immediately sends an e-mail confirmation with fine print stating you have only 20 days to cancel, not 30 days. Upon delivery, the invoice for the 30-DAY FREE TRIAL states at the bottom you must notify them in 14 days to cancel. If you don’t see that you won’t notice that your 30-DAY FREE TRIAL has now been changed to only 14 days. That’s how they unexpectedly get you for the first $100 automatic shipment after just 14 days. When I called OOKISA within 20 days to complain, the operator awkwardly tried to play semantic games with their wording and shipping times to justify how their 30 day free trial period actually equals only 14 days. It’s a scam to get your credit card # and automatically charge $100 before you realize it. Upon closer inspection, the bottom of the invoice even states they will not process any refunds for packages marked Return To Sender and all sales are final and non-refundable after the 14-DAY FREE TRIAL period. How does a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL suddenly change to a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL period after they get your credit card number? This is a well-planned scam played out on the Internet to separate victims from their money.

1 thought on “OOkisa Complaints – Fraud and lies

  1. Karen Dresel

    Wow I wish I would have read this earlier! I have been trying now for three days to get a hold of them to get an RMA to send it back but have had no luck! A message comes on saying, “your call will be answered in 49 minutes.” 49 MINUTES!! What is that?! I guess I’ll have to close that bank account before they charge me! Thanks for the tip!


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