Plumber jailed for submitting false mortgage application

A MAN from North Wales has been jailed for his part in a mortgage fraud. Mold Crown Court heard yesterday how Daniel Partington, 28, applied for a £242,000 mortgage claiming he was a £72,000-a-year manager. He was, however, a plumber who earned nothing like the amount but the interest-free mortgage was granted for the house in Lon Golan Ddol in Abergele.

Partington, of Harrison Drive in Kinmel Bay, pleaded guilty to obtaining a mortgage by fraud from Birmingham Midshires Building Society in 2007. It was accepted that the false employment and salary details had come from a financial adviser who made the application on-line.

Partington, who had a number of previous convictions, was jailed for nine months for the mortgage fraud, six months for possessing drugs and six months for being in breach of an earlier suspended prison sentence, making 21 months in all.

An investigation under The Proceeds of Crime Act will take place to see if any money can be recovered. Partington had not provided any information or signed anything but he had accepted the mortgage knowing it to be dishonest.

Judge Philip Hughes, sitting at Mold Crown Court, was told the financial adviser involved was now the subject of a major police investigation.

Prosecuting barrister Wyn Lloyd Jones said Partington, in effect, had conspired with the seller of the house and financial adviser to get a mortgage which he could not afford. The scam had been developed so the seller could get rid of a house which had been on the market for two years.

It was an interest-only mortgage where the defendant would pay £1,300 a month. That meant in 30 years he would have paid £851,000 and still not own the property.

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