How can I tell if I’m a victim of identity theft

* Monitor the balances of your financial accounts. Look for unexplained charges or withdrawals.

* Other indications of identity theft include:

failing to receive bills or other mail, which may signal an address change by the identity thief,

receiving credit cards, and/or statements of accounts, for which you did not apply

a lender tries to repossess a car you didn’t know you owned

being contacted by the police after a crime is committed in your name.

being denied credit for no apparent reason

If you’re ever denied credit, FIND OUT WHY, especially if you haven’t reviewed your credit report lately. This may be the first indication you get that someone has stolen your identity and is racking up charges in your name.

receiving calls or letters from debt collectors or businesses about merchandise or services you did not buy.

REACT QUICKLY if a creditor or merchant calls you about charges you didn’t make. This, too, may be the first notice you get that someone has stolen your identity. Get as much information from them as you can and investigate immediately.

Although any of these indications could be a result of a simple error, you should not assume that there’s been a mistake and do nothing. Always follow up with the business or institution.

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