Nation by Nation World crisis

Compiled from everywhere and presented as it should be: sans the endless West media censorship blithering smarm.

Australia – Also reaping the benefits of serving Warshington (sic). Among them are recession, econ crashing, negative growth, nationalisation, etc. Canberra’s adopts a sensible solution, goes for hyperinflation and lets out a wistful bloodcurdling call for NWO.
– Unable to part with the late capitalist system, Canberra coins another West oxymoron: “Social Capitalism”.

Bolivia – Frees its industry from USA grip running US agents out. Scorned US boys vow to keep watching from across the border.
– Discovers more oil reserves.

EU – In fear of losing the prolapsed and gov’t toppled Iceland, Brussels adopts some extraordinary fast-track approach to swallow the bankrupt island.

France – Gen’l strike followed by 1,5M strong demonstration through Paris. Will the French knock the rust of the old guillotine too?

Greece – State troops decide to attack demonstrators who have blocked major freeways.
– Clashes and riots flared up again in Athens.
– Mounting solidarity with Greek heroes around the world.

Update: Greek riot police fire tear gas at farmers

Greek riot police have fired tear gas at farmers to prevent them from driving their tractors to Athens to stage a demonstration.

At least two people, including an opposition politician, were injured in scuffles between police and the protesters at the port of Piraeus outside the Greek capital.

The farmers are demanding financial help from the government and the tense stand off at Piraeus is the latest twist in nearly two weeks of protests.

The farmers, who had used their tractors to block border crossings and major raods across the country for days, complain that they are receiving low prices for their products.

“Farmers are not second-class citizens. All they want to do is make their presence felt,” said Alekos Alavanos, an MP on the island of Crete and leader of the Left Coalition party leader.

About 1,000 farmers from Crete, as well as mayors of the island’s towns and MPs, arrived in Piraeus on overnight ferries along with dozens of tractors, trucks and other agricultural vehicles they intended to drive through Athens to the agriculture ministry.

Israel – Slips up and reveals plans to attack Iran apparently “next month”. See vid on youtube

Japan – NEC some 20K jobs fitter.

North Korea – Rips up all accords, military and otherwise, with South Korea.

Russia – Putin puts it best: “In 12 months US banks lose 25 years worth of profits”. That’s indeed better than criticism.
– At Davos Putin teaches M Dell, a US computer peddler, a quick lesson in direct sales spelling out the obvious for the slow ones: “The trick is that Russia doesn’t need any help.”
– After nuking the petrodollar in 2006, the very act that without a single shot precipitated the inevitable end of the whole of the West, Moscow now calls for the final curtain for the dying dollar. This should have been the chief news all over the West but like the May 2006 petrodollar nuking, it just simply isn’t.

Somalia – While the West’s amassing Navy forces along oil-rich Somalia, Somalia takes over German tanker. This may be a false flag op to predicate a land invasion for the West.

Spain – In token political tug of war over whether to charge Israelis with crimes against humanity and war crimes or simply forget the whole thing. No, this isn’t made up.

South Korea – Gov’t takes over stock exchange.

Turkey – Walks out of the Davos charade where obviously speech against Israeli barbarism is also prohibited. In Davos, Erdogan gets applause and in Turkey a downright hero’s welcome. See vid on youtube and expect west-media whores to begin rubbishing Turkey.

UK – Unplanned oil workers strikes erupt around the island in the last days of January.

UN – Eldabarai of IEAE boycotts BBC for their pro-genocide/pro-Israel bias. He’s right about the blatant bias but is a decade or so too late.
– States that Israel violated int’l law in 2007 when it attacked Syria.

USA – 46 states go bankrupt (only 2 left to still admit to it).
– California quits tax returns, school grants, and pensions, state employees forced to “furlough”. Once pensions are suspended, hunger shall follow. The rest should be academic even to the nominally “educated” USans.
– J Carter joins 911 truth movement by suggesting reinvestigation.
– The industry of boarding windows may experience a boom in USA as Florida, Maryland, and Utah banks go shut.
– Obama well on NWO track. Pre-election stand: 1) no war, 2) no crazy spending. Not-even-a-month-in stand: 1) widens war by attacking Pakistan and is doubling troops in Afghanistan, 2) adds a near trillion to the US hyper-debt. But so long as US voters don’t mind…
– Collapsed GM, after getting free billions for their performance angles to pay no tax. What an inventive econ system: showering select appalling performances with free blank checks and tax exemptions. How could a brilliant system like that not work?
– Finally realises that it’s Russia all along and now even Turkey that’s in the way of their oil-vampire lust for the Caspian Reserves jugular, a project started under Clinton.
– Actually now complains that Russia is just too damn strong and better at all strategies than them and EU.

Venezuela – Joins the int’l outcry over the Israeli genocide of Gaza declaring Israel “criminal”.
– Ran Israel ambassador out and pulled ambassador out of Israel.
– Chavez pithy remark unmasks Obama: “He has the stench of Bush”.

…to be cont’d as news pile up.


Update 06/02/09

Nation By Nation (6Feb09)

Gathered from around, stripped of West media bias, and served straight. Mouseover flags for info.

Australia – Sacking of Rome goes down under as gov’t prints its concerns 42B “stimulus” package.

Bolivia – Unmatched lithium wealth (12X that of USA) strikes fear into the West energy vampires as Morales intends to keep it all Bolivian. Without lithium, West car mfg is finished, as if it weren’t already.
– Signs deal with Gazprom. Yanks out, Russia in. Spot the trend?

Cuba – SouthAm supports renewed Cuban demand for USA to stop occupation of Cuban territory.

EU – Civil dissent anywhere from strikes, demonstrations, and riots growing across the mighty union.
– As the “bailout” hyperdebt soars during the West sacking, a finger-pointing wave rises as the NWO governances, stricken by greed, race to see who can rinse more out of their people. They call it “protectionism”.

Germany – Like a scrotum in ice water, the most illustrious powerhouse of EU continues its shrivel. Germany clocks in over 2% econ decay.
– Metro AG some 15K jobs more “competitive”.
– For fun, calls Iran “Nazism”. Talk about black kettles and just plain insanity.

Greece – clashes between farmers and state commandos continue.
– Revolution escalates into weaponised clashes in Athens as cop station attacked.

Iceland – Under new management.
– Wants to join EU.

Iran – Launches own satellite with own rocket. Considering USA has never attacked an armed nation and exclusively seeks out civilians and children armed with rocks as its target, Iran ceases to be a US/UK viable target.
– Urges UN to pursue war crimes against Israel.
– Meets Hamas.

Ireland – Joins the latest West trend of pouring non-existent billions into the blackhole banking.

Isreal – Kills 3 girls in Gaza and calls it “reasonable”. This is akin to US Sec’y state responding to murdering via sanctions over half a million of children (under age 5) in Iraq in mid-90s with “it’s worthy to us”.
– Gaza genocide continues as Israeli fighters assault Jabaliya, 3Feb.
– 15 officials charged with war crimes by int’l community. Some 500 complaints pour in from Middle East, EU, and SouthAm.

Japan – Panasonic 15K jobs and 27 factories simpler.

Kyrgyzstan – Creating Customs Union with Russia and Belarus. Russia getting bigger again? It’s already 2X USA.

Kyrgyzstan – Kicks USA out off Manas base citing US murder of a local and disagreement over rent. This is a big deal to USA, as this means yet another death knell in their Caspian Reserve wetdream. (Uzbekistan booted US troops in 2005 over crimes against humanity.)

Libya – Qaddafi is the leader of African Union.

Pakistan – A bridge on the main supply line for USA invasion of Afghanistan destroyed in northern Pakistan on 3Feb.

Palestine – Civilian mass murders of Gaza predicated on rocket firings. However, rockets, as now shown, were fired by USA patsies. It’s really no different than 911, London77, Madrid, WMD-lies, etc.

Poland – Citing being out of fiscal breath, pulling some 1200 troops from Lebanon, Golan Heights, and Chad.

Russia – Signs air defence accord with Belarus expanding its territory eastward to meet the USA nuke challenge in Poland and Czech Republic.

Somalia – Returns ship and crew to Ukraine after settlement.

Spain – Unemployment up near 50% in 1 yr. No part of EU can be considered healthy today. It’s just the degrees of the terminal illness that vary these days.

Turkey -Turkey recognises Hamas and urges worldwide recognition. If the Davos walkout wasn’t enough, this will be for the West to kick off a demonisation orgy of Turkey.
– Erdogan stance against Israeli war crimes receives Arab world support as well as support by UN chief Kimoon.

UK – Strikes continue erupting as unemployment rises over 6% (per official records). Not too amused Brown finds “unofficial strikes” counterproductive however.
– Right on track with prolapse as econ shrivels 2.5%.
– When told by USA to quit whinging about US torture of UK citizens, London does as it’s told.

USA – Macy’s near 10K jobs lighter.
– Congress member tells broke folks of Ohio to stay put when eviction comes. A first call to public dissent?
– Bank of America got 45B in the “bailout” scam so they threw a 5-day carnival party.
– Obama threatens “catastrophe” to get the 1T and unveils he needs 2T more. Cheney threatens too. This time it’s a nuke attack in USA.
– 520K jobs go bye bye in Jan.
– 20M houses emptied in 2008 with 20% of homes in active foreclosure. US mortgage industry morphs into a slumlord one.
– As US car mfg get free cash, auto part mfgs scream “what about us?” justifying their tizzy with 12B losses.
– Angling for a trade war with China. For a nation dependent on all product on China, this is another war USA can’t afford.
– Obama begs Moscow to ease up on military spending offering whopping 80% “cuts”. Spent to death, are they?

Venezuela – Demands to USA to stop harbouring terrorist. USA is providing a safe haven, despite int’l outcry, to a terrorist responsible for 1976 Cuban airliner bombing killing 73, 1997 hotel bombing, and 1961 involvement in the US plot to invade Cuba.

In fact, Jan Brewer, the newly appointed Governor of Arizona has a major crisis on her hands, one that Arizona and national media isn’t covering. The alarming news is the State of Arizona has 90 to 120 days before they completely run out of money. After that, all bills and tax refunds owed to the citizens will go unpaid.

Before Janet Napolitano left for her new Homeland secretary position, she had a stand-off with Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin. The AZ Treasurer forewarned Napolitano about Arizona’s financial crisis, but she refused to heed his words.

With neighboring California on the verge of bankruptcy this year, many States will follow in their steps.

Many States are already scurrying to cut unwanted costs, cut State-funded programs, raise taxes, not issue tax refunds to their citizens, and borrow money just to survive in 2009. Unfortunately, many banks — the same banks the Fed bailed out — are refusing to loan money to the States and their Treasury agencies.

The article, State Budget Troubles Worsen, at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities website is an excellent piece to read. It shows where each State currently stands in these challening economic times, and you see 46 of the 50 States are clearly in the financial red.

It’s very possible you’ll see the end of the United States as we know it. If the Fed doesn’t bailout the States when their cash dries up and the banks don’t loan them money, then our States will be left in financial ruin. This would be a tragic and unprecedented event never experienced in the United States.

No State has ever filed bankruptcy, but it could be coming to a State near you this year.

We are on the brink of something far worse than the Great Depression.

UPDATE: Check out the newly published article, Survivalism: How to Prepare for the Economic Collapse. There’s also a printable 4-page newsletter you can download and share with your friends, family, and co-workers. Take action and help spread the awareness of this life-threatening issue.

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