Sample Dispute Letters

Note: Always remember to include a photocopy of your driver’s license, state issued ID, or U.S. passport and a copy of your social security card, pay stub, W-2 or a recent utility bill. Only 2 forms of ID are required.

Please remember that these letters are just samples. To get the best results possible, make your dispute letters look and sound original!

Keep them simple and please remember these simple rules:

1. It’s completely unnecessary to mention laws, procedures, court rulings, or threaten law suits, etc.
The credit bureaus know the law. Just short, simple and concise.

2. All mail that requires a signature gets refused. Many credit repair beginners will tell you to send your letters by certified mail. That information is outdated – all you need is a stamp.

3. You do not want your letter to look like it came from a credit repair organization!

4. Letters that look confusing get returned back to the consumer as frivolous.

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